Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima clarified the Nintendo Switch’s absence of backward compatibility. He likewise said that more ports from past Nintendo frameworks could go to this framework later on.

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Nintendo Talks About Lack Of Nintendo Switch Backward Compatibility

“Nintendo Switch is not backward compatible with games intended for different frameworks. Besides, it is not right now good with controllers intended for different frameworks,” Kimishima explained to The Times. “Moreover, bolster for specific controllers might be considered for a future update.”

In light of whether Switch could copy Wii U games, Kimishmia recognized that Nintendo can take on Wii U games. The console can make them playable or even changed for Switch. “At times, games from past frameworks might be re-discharged for the Nintendo Switch framework as either improved or unique renditions,” he included. Beforehand Nintendo affirmed a year ago that the Switch was not good with Wii U or 3DS games.

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