Nintendo has made a unique spot for itself in the gaming console market that is dominated by PlayStations and Xboxes. You won’t see many of the mainstream gaming titles reaching the Nintendo’s console. The company does a great job in countering this situation by bringing exclusive titles to its console, without depending on third parties, and making sure that the Switch sales graph is always going upwards.

nintendo switch

The Switch has a design that no other gaming console could have pulled off like Nintendo did. You can use it as a home console and if you wish to take the screen off with you, it is possible by making the Switch go portable. The console was amazing and much better than its predecessor, the fact is accepted, but the company’s release strategy is something that is even better.

This year’s E3 was the event that gave us a wider look at the whole gaming industry and Nintendo Switch was an essential part of it. The company announced a new release schedule for its games lined up for this year, and as Forbes notes, it shows how the company plans to market its console.

You need to first look at Nintendo’s release schedule for the entire 2017:

March – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

April – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

May – Minecraft Switch Edition

June – ARMS

July – Splatoon 2

August – Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

September – Pokken Tournament DX

October – Super Mario Odyssey

November/December – Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The console that doesn’t rely on third party titles has to come out with its own games so that the people keep investing in the ecosystem. While it is important from the business point of view, it is even more important as a standalone gaming console which is in a market that also has PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, and even PC to compete with.

Nintendo has also made sure to stick with the launch dates announced earlier and not to delay anything. Super Mario Odyssey, for example, has been confirmed to arrive this October when it was rumoured to get delayed by several months. The game launches are also evenly spread across the year with one launch in each month, and Nintendo has even followed the schedule until now.

The only thing that needs to be seen is how easy or difficult it would be for Nintendo to maintain this consistency. We want to stay positive in this regard.


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