Do people really think there will be eSports for the Nintendo Switch? Sure, it was in the trailer. But we could really only think of Smash Bros and MAYBE Splatoon being good for it. Two games aren’t enough to warrant a whole Nintendo Arena feature. And we also saw in the leak that there is going to be Youtube and Twitch support in a lot of the ports. And presumably an easier method of sharing for most games in general for the Nintendo Switch. But Nintendo has been copyright claiming videos for years, and they are still doing it now. We highly doubt they would just randomly be all for the sharing of their content. Unless they make it clear that they are the ones who will monetize the videos.

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E-Sports won’t be a thing on the Nintendo Switch anytime soon

We love Nintendo. But they have been a joke this past generation. Releasing stupid, crappy games like Color Splash, Mario Party 10 (and to an extent Star Rush), Federation Force, Starfox Zero, do we need to go on? They make the Wii U severely underpowered. Make it impossible for third parties to develop for it because of forced GamePad integration. There was horrible marketing for it (is it an add-on, is it a new thing, is it just a new console with an iPad?).

Their digital marketplace sucks. Because they take ages to release Virtual Console and they started from scratch with the Wii U eShop instead of porting over all 400 or so games that were already on the Wii Shop Channel. The console also had a terrible launch (though that was the same for the 3DS).

We WANT Nintendo to succeed. But they keep making underpowered consoles, strange hardware, market their products poorly, and release crappy spinoffs and sequels that nobody wanted. Back in the NES, GB, and SNES days, the words Nintendo and video games were almost interchangeable. With the N64 and Gamecube, they had good specs. But strange controller designs and terrible forms of storage. Although the Wii succeeded, only a handful of people who bought it actually played more than Wii Sports on it. And an even smaller handful actually know or care that NINTENDO was the one who made it.

Source: Polygon


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