There is a rumor that says the Nintendo Switch will use DisplayPort through USB-C to output its video. Furthermore, DisplayPort is able to be converted to HDMI relatively easily.

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Nintendo Switch uses DisplayPort Through USB-C

HDMI is no longer the “golden standard” for graphics cards. It’s more the “old standard”. You can only use G-Sync or Free-Sync over a display port cable. That is VERY important for PC gamers. And more and more people get G-Sync or Free-Sync monitors as it gives huge advantages. As you get better performance (no more v-sync needed) and it makes the whole image and the controls feel much more fluid and fast. Also, DP is better for 4K as it let’s more data through.

Display port is a way to cut cost without sacrifice on other parts. At the time of USB-C’s conception, it was. At this point, DisplayPort is already built into USB-C and provides better bandwidth than HDMI. So using DisplayPort makes sense.

We pretty much know the Nintendo Switch uses USB-C. And DisplayPort is the Audio Video interface that runs through USB-C. So if we believe it’s USB-C we pretty much believe it’s also DisplayPort converted to HDMI.

HDMI is the standard port for displays. Most TV’s and devices don’t support/have DisplayPort so making a device with only a DisplayPort will cause compatibility issues. Which will piss off customers. So manufacturers just play it safe and stick to HDMI. We believe DisplayPort didn’t come around after a few years when HDMI came out. So it was a bit too late to convert everything to DisplayPort.

Source: TweakTown


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