The Nintendo Switch is the future of console gaming. It will unite handheld and living room gamers across the globe. It will become the platform of choice for developers because of its architecture, ease of use and versatility. Retailers will love it because it will save them a lot of shelf space, handheld and home console in one. Mother Earth will adore it because it will be the greenest of the 3 platforms in terms of footprint and power consumption. A new renaissance is about to begin with the Nintendo Switch. We can’t wait for January 2017.

nintendo switch
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Nintendo Switch will lead from this time onwards

Who knows, technology is always evolving. Especially behind closed doors. It’s entirely possible that they discovered both an efficient and affordable way to get such a powerful system manufactured at an affordable price. We’ll see, and there is no reason to not be cautiously optimistic.

We’re cautiously optimistic that Nintendo managed to do something really special this time around. Maybe not, but no point in needlessly being cynical on the prospect of such a thing at this point.

Anyways, we’re so hyped for the upcoming presentation coming in about 2 months from now. We wonder, though. Will Nintendo do it’s usual wacky fun driven directs. Or have a tonne that can appeal more to an older demographic?

But what about the other consoles? The Scorpio and Pro aren’t next gen consoles. Either way, the Scorpio is nothing to sneeze at. It has backward compatibility with all previous Xbox things. It is alleged to be the most powerful console and is supposed to end Microsoft’s console generations. In other words, you don’t need to go out every six years and buy a new console. It’s going to be like PCs. Great graphics, availability for games about ten years ago and the newer consoles only improve the specs slightly. So like we said before, no more having to worry about getting a unit at the end of its life cycle or being stuck with a last-gen console during the next gen.

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