Takashi Mochizuki put out a tweet that the Nintendo Switch is using a 1080p display in portable mode. And a WQHD display when in docked mode. This seems to contradict all other reports of a 720p/1080p arrangement on the Nintendo Switch. And may be a little hard to believe.

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Can the Nintendo Switch have 1440p display when docked?

1440 60fps requires a beast to make it run in modern games. Not even PS4 Pro can handle that. Example: Nier Automata is running at 60 fps and 1080p on the PS4 Pro but in 900p and 60 fps on the regular PS4. They wouldn’t sacrifice frame rates. So you can see that not even 1080p60fps is manageable by PS4 standard version. Now imagine a 1440 60 fps.

Too bad that with the switch, we won’t be getting either. 1440p nor 60fps. 60 fps maybe in some Nintendo games. But definitely not in a game with a big size such as The Legend Of Zelda breath of the wild, though. If the specs are true and we believe they are, then we must wait and see to confirm.

Takashi mentions that Switch’s architecture is good for open world games. And adds the word END at the end of the sentence. Like he is really sure about it. Also, he says “Nintendo Switch uses Displayport over USB-C; internal bus speed at 5Gbps, faster than 3DS’s 128Mbps”.

As strange as it is, a credible tech journalist with his reputation on the line should be perceived differently to rumor-mongering bloggers. Maybe Nintendo is trying to push a new tech direction to gradually scale screen res? The jump from HD to 4k is too massive for the console industry to bridge affordably.

Source: Express


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