Wii Sports World Tour. Want an actually good Wii Sports game for the Nintendo Switch? Well, here you go. Play all the games from the previous Wii Sports games. Along with new ones like drone racing/ flying, popular sports like football and soccer, and maybe robot fighting or something. You can even play online and with friends.

nintendo switch
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Here is what we would like to see from the Nintendo Switch

Multiplayer Remaster Collection- You know those stupid multiplayer games on the Gameboy Advanced and GameCube that required you to have FOUR Gameboy Advanced systems to get a full experience? Well, not anymore. Two games in one: Four Swords Adventures, and Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. Now playable with split screen and online play if you want the screen to yourself. Remove those stupid Gameboy Advanced pop-ups in Four Swords that are added when you go into a cave for some reason. And you have yourself the ultimate multiplayer experience. With an included chat log for online play (with decent censorship of course).

Super Smash Bros NXtreme. Crappy puns aside, Smash Bros should still go on, even if Sakurai isn’t making it. Have a new story mode like in Brawl, but with better level design. And the story incorporating Master Hand and the core a bit more. Have transforming and double characters like Zelda / Sheik, Ice Climbers, etc. With some new ones like Toon Zelda/ Tetra, Triforce Links, Baby Mario Bros, and maybe others. There would finally be more Star Fox characters like Slippy, Dark Pit’s move set would be more unique. Viridi and Hades would be added.

Link’s move set would be completely changed to fit The Legend Of Zelda Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch. While Toon Link would keep his old one. Custom final smashes would be added. And the stage creator would combine lot’s of resources WITH drawing land so you could actually create fun stages. It would truly be the ultimate Smash experience. And the last.

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