Recently, we as a whole had an opportunity to witness the best Super Bowl rebound ever. This was when down 25 points in the third quarter, Tom Brady rallied the Patriots to beat the Falcons in OT. Amid all the excitement, we likewise had an opportunity to see that smooth Nintendo Switch/The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild trailer. The promotion truly highlighted all the cool things we can anticipate from the console when it drops one month from now. When you viewed the trailer, did you see the flawless Legend of Zelda Easter egg?

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Nintendo Switch Super Bowl Ad Has an Amazing Secret Zelda Easter Egg

Did you see it? It happens truly quickly. On the off chance that you delay the video at the four-second stamp, you can see somebody trying to get his Nintendo Switch. You’ll additionally see a book with the title “It’s Dangerous to Go Alone.”

For those of you who don’t have a clue about this, this is a gesture to the first Legend of Zelda on NES. In the first game, a secretive old man in a cave cries, “It’s hazardous to go alone! Take this”. He says this before giving Link his sword to help him on his journey to protect Princess Zelda. Long lasting Zelda fans will instantly perceive this and it’s a quite cool Easter egg.

You’ll additionally see at the base of the book that the writer’s name is “Zel Dasb… “. It cuts off, yet we’re certain you can tell that on the off chance that you take the initial five letters together it illuminates “Zelda”. Furthermore, the sb is likely the initials for “Super Bowl”.

What number of more Easter eggs like this one are covered up inside the Super Bowl trailer? Will you discover any? Let us know in the comments underneath.

Source: WWG


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