Nintendo Switch recent sales figures suggest all the fans waiting for the new stock are in for a big bad news. Nintendo Switch broke the records of high sales this month as the console dominates the markets worldwide.

The sales of Switch are through the roof and that’s actually the bad news for all the fans waiting for the new stock to arrive.With more sales, less stock is available for fans and when the stock ends, it takes a while before getting back available again. So high sales means, low or no stock and hence, the bad news.

As the latest figures suggest, Nintendo Switch in not only the best-selling console for the month of March 2017, it’s also one of the most selling consoles during the one month period.

According to the NPD analysis on Nintendo Switch sales figures, the Switch sold 31000 more units that the Game Boy Advance throughout the same one month of launch phase.

This, in turn, makes Nintendo Switch the massive hardware launch of all times, and the second biggest console launch worldwide. According to Sam Naji the NPD analyst, Nintendo Switch has written the history. It will go down in the books as for March 2017’s record breaking console.

Naji also said that-

“The Nintendo Switch had the biggest hardware launch for a Nintendo platform. The second biggest launch of any video game platform since 1995, the time NPD began tracking this category.

In this debut month (month 1), the Nintendo Switch sold 31K more units than previous best-selling Nintendo month-1 platform. The Game Boy Advance, which released back in June 2001.

The two Nintendo Switch SKUs, the 32GB Grey Joy-Con, followed by the 32GB Neon Red/Blue Joy-Con, were the best-selling systems for the month.”

On the other hand, it still not known about how many Switch units Nintendo have sold in the US and the UK. The console is so much popular and that’s what makes it difficult to find on any designated vendors.

At this time, Nintendo Switch console units are unavailable at GAME and Tesco Direct stores. Amazon may have some stock left. But they are selling it at an inflated price of $410.08 in the US and £319.95 in the UK. The Grey version of Nintendo Switch is also out of stock.

The official Nintendo store has only the Nintendo Switch Neon units in stock at the time. They too don’t have the Grey version of the console available for sale.

Argos and Toys R Us have some Nintendo Switch units for sale but they have a limited quantity.

So based on the details about the Nintendo Switch sales figures, we can clearly see that the console is very hard to get these days. This is what’s actually the real bad news for all the fans who are waiting for the stock. Because of high sales, a lot of fans are left without the console units. Hopefully, Nintendo will release more stock soon to overcome the shortage. This way a lot of fans will be able to buy their beloved hybrid console. And be able to play their favorite games on it.


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