The Nintendo Switch Stock is about to get a massive boost as Nintendo plans to multiply production of the console. Nintendo has recently planned to produce Nintendo Switch units in way more than the previous quantities in order to tackle the stock shortage.

It’s not a secret that the Nintendo Switch units are hard to get these days. But that seems to change soon as Nintendo plans to solve this issue with massive Nintendo Switch production. It is expected that the holiday season 2017 will put more strain on the Nintendo Switch supplies. That is basically why Nintendo is planning big for the console and future stocks.

According to recent reports, Nintendo has plans to sell 18 million more units between now and March 2018. This means that Nintendo has big plans to produce Nintendo Switch units in huge quantities. This will, in turn, help Nintendo combat the Switch units’ shortage globally.

Based on what Nintendo has shared about their future Nintendo Switch stocks, Financial Times suggests that this isn’t as simple as it looks. A lot of items such as components of Nintendo Switch are hard to produce or to find. One of the most challenging issues would be to tackle the problem of having Nintendo Switch LCD’s produced at a massive level.

However, fans are hopeful that Nintendo will be able to resolve the Switch console stock shortage issues soon. With Nintendo planning a big boost for the Switch units manufacture, it is soon going to be a thing of the past.

Fans of Nintendo Switch will be delighted to know that another big title is confirmed to launch on hybrid console. The Monster Hunter XX was confirmed earlier this week for Nintendo Switch by Capcom. The game will first release in Japan on August 25, 2017, and later on, it’ll port to other regions.

In addition, it was also revealed about Monster Hunter XX that it runs on Nintendo Switch smoothly and supports 1080p while in docked mode. In handheld mode, the console offers 720p and also supports cross data save between Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. It will also support the Cross-play feature as well on both Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. However, the Nintendo 3DS version will be limited to Online sessions only.

ARMS Global Testpunch offers all the fans an opportunity to test the game before its June 16, 2017, release. Recently, during the first Testpunch, fans were able to log on multiple times this weekend. Six more opportunities are planned for the next week’s ARMS Global Testpunch.

The next ARMS Global Testpunch will be offered on the next weekend and will remain available for an hour max. It’ll start at 2 pm in North America and 1 pm in the UK. According to Nintendo’s statement for the ARMS Global Testpunch try out, the fans will need a Nintendo Switch, a stable Internet connection, a Nintendo Account, and ARMS Global Testpunch software that they can download from the Official Nintendo eShop.

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So are you ready to try out ARMS in the next big Global Testpunch? Have you tried the game in the previous ARMS Global Testpunch? Well, if you have, then do share your experiences with us. We’ll be happy to know about that.