The Nintendo Switch stock always sells in a matter of hours. That’s why big retailers such as GameStop and Amazon keep on struggling to match the demands.

At the moment, Most of the Nintendo Switch stock at all the major retailers is finished. So, most of the fans could be waiting a long time for the new stock to arrive. In the matter, these comments from the GameStop will prove worthy.

According to a GameSpot employee Eric Bright, the Nintendo Switch kept on exceeding the expectations. These allocations sell out in hours.

While talking to Forbes, Bright said that

“Right now we’re not seeing sales going down at all, and I would expect that to continue for quite some time.”

It has been a similar situation in the UK as well. The Gray Nintendo Switch units are all sold up and that’s why they are pretty hard to get these days.

According to Nintendo, the Switch surpassed their expectations, they have shipped a staggering 2.74 million units worldwide since the opening month. Previously Nintendo predicted that a total sale of 2 million units worldwide for the first month, but they have sold the units way more than that. This makes sense why the Nintendo Switch is always out of stock.

Based on the new sales figures, Nintendo believes that they will sell another ten million units in the next financial year. That means more profits for the tech giant. In addition, the Nintendo Switch games have also surpassed the previously predicted figures. The total Nintendo Switch games sales are up to 5.46 million at the moment.

As a whole, this simply means that nearly two games have been sold with every Nintendo Switch unit. The game that made up a really big number of sales is the remarkable 1-2 Switch. This game alone shipped almost 1 million in the opening month.

On the other hand, Super Bomberman R has also proven to be one of the most sold titles by shipping 500,000 copies worldwide.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the main launch title for Nintendo Switch and all the analysts thought that this particular game will break the sales records and it did just that. The game proved the most popular title on Nintendo Switch with total sales of 2.76 million copies sold worldwide.