Have you got your Nintendo Switch console yet or are you still longing to buy one? Well, if you’ve failed to buy the console at the previous shipments, you are in luck this week. Nintendo Switch stock is going to be available at BestBuy likely for today only.

Previously, the console became available for a very short period and dried pretty fast. Toys R Us offered the Nintendo Switch stock on May 19, Friday and they warned that they have a limited inventory. So, it’s possible that they are all gone. However, if you are still without the console, head to your nearest Best Buy as they are going to offer “Limited Quantities” as well. Once again the wordings of “Limited Quantities” are used, so chances are the stock at BestBuy will sell out quickly.

On all other major retailers, Nintendo Switch stock is either all sold out or is not coming in any sooner. So, right now, your best shot is the BestBuy stores across the US. Keep in mind that the stock at BestBuy is only available for only today. Following is the BestBuy’s tweet about the new Nintendo Switch stock availability.

If you are still left out without a console unit at BestBuy, your next stop should definitely be Amazon. At Amazon, the Nintendo Switch stock is going to be available soon. However, they haven’t yet given a date for the stock availability. Keep in mind that the new Nintendo Switch stock at Amazon will cost you more than the suggested prices.

In addition, a number of new titles are also scheduled to release on Nintendo Switch next month. Games such as Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and Call of Duty: World War 2 are both rumored to release on Switch as well.


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