Wii U has sold over 13 Million units without 3rd party support, without a Metroid game, without a Zelda game, without a 3D Mario title and without Pokemon. Those are the titles that have always sold Nintendo consoles. If Nintendo can release a Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and Pokemon game on the Nintendo Switch it will be a success no matter what the specs are.


Specs don’t really matter for the Nintendo Switch

The Wii U was essentially carried by a single game, Smash Brothers. A single triple-A Nintendo game carried the entire console. That is some serious brand power. That’s why people are saying it’s all about the games because it is. There are millions of people who don’t care about Call of Duty and Battlefield. That is the market they are going for. They are not competing with Microsoft and Playstation. Because they are not going after the Call of Duty crowd which is what Playstation and Microsoft have become and are fighting over.

We think it’s crazy people expect the Nintendo Switch to be as powerful or more powerful than a Xbox or PS4. And be mobile (aka a screen built on and using mobile hardware) while expecting to pay no more than 250$ (which is how much the PS4 and Xbox One are now).

This is a mobile console that can dock, thinking about it the other way around is illogical. If you waited this long to start playing current gen 3rd party games or things online, well you’re not a normal gamer or just obsessed with Nintendo. To most people, this will be the secondary console that when it comes to online gaming or third party stuff they will always play that on their other console. The fact that Nintendo’s online has been trash comparatively since day one should be a big hint they are not/can’t compete with the other two.


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