New tweets from Laura Kate Dale of have put forth a possible release date for the Nintendo Switch in PAL territories, March 17th. Confirmation of the Nintendo Switch Release Date is like a second Christmas present to us and we’re sure everyone reading this feels the same.

nintendo switch release date
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Nintendo Switch Release Date Confirmed as well as several other features

Nintendo Switch includes an NFC ID card to download your content onto friends devices; eg unlockable characters in Mario Kart that you’ve unlocked, possibly games you own temporarily downloaded. This is their ‘next best’ solution for poor battery life. A card will be included, but new cards will be purchasable for around $10. Custom cards can be bought through Nintendo website.

MK8, Smash, and Splatoon will have ‘Directors Cut’ editions at launch, which include previous DLC plus new content. If you own them digitally on Wii U you can download them for FREE. Nintendo is trying to co-operate with retailers for a trade-in system to ‘upgrade’ your Wii U physical copies for free or very discounted price.

Super Mario Switch (title not confirmed) is supposed to feel like a combination of all previous 3D Mario titles. Control scheme supposedly somewhere between 64 and Sunshine. Some levels will connect into each other ala Banjo Tooie. For example, the ice hub may have a 2D level that connects you to the desert level. There is a new collectible that will unlock hats/ powerups/ allow access to new levels (a la metal boots in 64 to sink and access new areas). 2 Player co-op with Luigi will be possible with Joy-Cons.

Nintendo is working on a Rhythm Heaven game with Nintendo characters. Switch bundles will be $260 for basic, $300 for Mario bundle, and $340 for Zelda bundle with Pro Controller.

Let us know your thoughts on the Nintendo Switch release date and other rumors circulating so far.


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