Since the Nintendo Switch occasion prior this month, numerous future Switch proprietors in North America have made the thing at the forefront of their expectations. But where the Hell is the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller? In spite of having practically every other embellishment accessible to pre-order, Nintendo appeared to stall on the Pro Controller. All things considered, after an FCC endorsement as of late, the controller’s page was put on Amazon. Be that as it may, the controller sold out before long.

nintendo switch
via telegraph

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is no longer accessible for pre-order on Amazon

Only a couple of hours prior, Amazon got their first pre-order apportioning for the adornment. Besides, it sold out in only 15 minutes. We don’t know whether individuals just truly need to play The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild with the Pro Controller. Perhaps they have scalping on their mind. In anyway, that was really quick.

Therefore, a great deal of adroit purchasers are as of now exploiting the fact that they were able to get their controller. This incorporates various hawkers that are squandering no time in exchanging them on eBay. For example, a specific vendor figured out how to offer their pre-order for $145 with free delivering. Then again, different sales indicate people offering their pre-order Pro controller for a minimum of $100.

Source: WWG


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