Nintendo fans got really excited when various reports revealed earlier today that the Nintendo Switch price had leaked out. The new leak suggested that the new console could cost around £200, which really is an unbelievable price for the Switch. Well, it literally is unbelievable in every sense now, as the leak has turned out to be fake!


Express Online reported a few hours back that the UK retailer GAME has denied the new pricing rumors. A spokesperson from GAME stated that the Nintendo Switch price leak was from inaccurate sources. The terms on the official website of GAME read: “Until we receive an official price from Nintendo, a temporary price of £999.99 will be given to the Nintendo Switch console. This placeholder will show through the checkout process and on your confirmation email, but you will not be charged this amount. At a later date, the confirmed price will be guaranteed to those who have pre-ordered.”

It all started when the US website of the Canadian Toys R set a price of $329.99 on a Nintendo Switch ad. The price roughly translates to £200, which also corresponds to an earlier rumor by Nintendo Insider Laura Dale, who suggested that GAME will sell the console for £199.99. The company reportedly does not want to sell the console at a loss. Analysts believe that £300 would be a sweet price for the new Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo is expected to announce the Nintendo Switch price, release date, and games list on January 13 in Tokyo at a special event. Nintendo has already confirmed that the Switch release date would be in March 2017.