Here are our predictions for the Nintendo Switch. Hell no for an online subscription if DeNA is helping them with online infrastructure as rumors state. It will have a much better online experience as well as party chat, though. This is a console that won’t be online enough for most people to justify a subscription as it will be half portable.

nintendo switch

How will the Nintendo Switch pan out in 2017?

Second prediction, it will sell out immediately. Nintendo will be struggling to keep up with demand the entire first year. And make it worse by releasing crazy games in the fall.

Prediction 3, Pokemon Stars comes this fall. And it will be different from Sun/Moon the same way Platinum was different from Diamond/Pearl.

Prediction 4, Mario Kart 9 was the game they showed off in the trailer for the Nintendo Switch. Not an enhanced port. We noticed some very different interface changes like the dual items set up. And plus how much different could Mario Kart 9 look from 8? 8 was gorgeous.

Prediction 5, Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is in fact, a launch title alongside Mario RPG and the new 3DS Mario game as well as Splatoon. Maybe a couple others exclusively from Nintendo at launch too. The rest we believe come in the following months. Legend of Zelda has to come out at launch with how it’s being marketed and shown off all this time. We doubt it would release in the fall with how it’s being advertised. People would see enough in a year to not need the game.

Our last prediction, Nintendo shows off a bunch of different Joycon controller types that can benefit different games. And reveals the Joycons are actually pretty cheap stand alone if they serve a specific purpose as an optional accessory to a game. Say for example a Joycon is made with extra buttons for a certain RPG like Monster hunter. So you don’t need touch screen controls. Totally optional, $20 or it comes with the special edition of the game. Boom.

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