We think people are misunderstanding what Nintendo is going for. Why would Nintendo try to compete with the PS4 in the first place? Everyone that wants a high powered console already has one. And a game library on that console to back it up. The Nintendo Switch isn’t something most want to play Skyrim on anyway. We’d either play it on Xbox One or on PC.

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Stop comparing the Nintendo Switch to the PS4 Pro or Project Scorpio

We really don’t think the Nintendo Switch is going to cater to the new AAA market. Nintendo hasn’t done that in a long time, we think, and they’ve done just fine. The Switch looks like a comfortable, powerful (in that form), tablet gaming device that can be cast to your tv.

Let’s face it. If you want a game to look good then you’ll play it on PC. But It takes a ton of money to develop the artwork and layout for a cutting edge AAA title. What we think Nintendo is banking on is that developers are beginning to notice that you don’t need the best hardware for a game to look good and play well. Chasing console performance is best left to the ignorant. PC hardware will always be better. We don’t think Nintendo’s really interested in actively courting Activision, EA, Ubisoft, or any of those dudebro publishers.

If Nintendo can deliver Mario, Pikmin, Metroid, Pokemon, Splatoon, fire emblem, donkey kong, Kirby, and Zelda then we think the Switch will do just fine. People need to stop trying to make Nintendo a competitor with sony and Microsoft. When they’re really not.

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