Cartridges are far superior to having disk based games like the ones in Xbox One and PS4. So as long as Nintendo are flexible on storage size of the Nintendo Switch, everything should be fine. We think the Switch will really surprise gamers of all types. Greater reduced loading times and PS4 and Xbox are outdated in general anyways. In order for you play a game, it has to first be installed and you have to be online to do this. And the install times can be huge at times if you add in the downloads during install.

nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch can beat its competition simply because of cartridges

We think It’s going to be a runaway success. A lot of people keep forgetting another major reason the Switch will wreck the competition, the Switch is literally the only next gen system. neither the Pro nor the Scorpio are allowed to have their own libraries, all games on them need to also work on the original PS4/XBOX One.

Another misconception that a lot of players have is that developers convert games from discs to cartridges. To simply explain this, developers develop their games primarily on a computer system, so a copy of the game is saved on a computer hard drive. Then, when finished, it is transferred to the disc or cartridge. The only ‘converting’ that would need to be done is making sure the game itself is optimized to run smoothly on the software development kit (SDK) that Nintendo provides the developers. That’s it.

We also believe that the Nintendo Switch in console mode will be able to use the handheld as a second screen and thus allow players to play Wii U and 3DS games. The cartridges will be the same as the 3DS cartridges to bolster their game lineup at launch. The main reason why they weren’t announcing the console for such a long time because they didn’t want to cannibalize 3DS/2DS and Pokemon sales for this holiday season.


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