Nintendo has flaunted practically every part of the Nintendo Switch except for one: the touchscreen. Actually, Nintendo has discussed the touchscreen so little that we nearly overlooked that it existed. However, it does: the Nintendo Switch tablet has a completely working capacitive touchscreen (simply like some other tablet). Besides, there is another video that demonstrates it in real life.

nintendo switch release date
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Here is the Nintendo Switch touchscreen in full working order

Twitter user Dystify posted a short video of a Skylanders rep playing with the touchscreen. Additionally, it looks exceptionally responsive and precise, similarly as one may anticipate. From the video, one can without much of a stretch see that the equipment of the Nintendo Switch is working fine.

A few people simply get a kick out of the chance to pick at everything without exception. The main issue we are seeing with the Switch is for games that will utilize the touch screen. This is on the grounds that the console should be out of the dock for it and can’t show the content on the TV. All things considered, we’re not all that worried about that side. This is because it would appear that we are back to one screen for Nintendo consoles. Be that as it may, we liked a portion of the things added to the games list. These include games like Pikmin, Starfox, Mario party 10 and the sky is the limit from there. For us, however, notwithstanding all the negative push on this console, we can hardly wait for the Nintendo Switch to discharge soon.

Source: YouTube


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