A lot of people still won’t buy Nintendo consoles just because they have the same specs as the competition. You have to ask how many of those consumers would they take from. Most likely none. Especially if all your friends play team Microsoft or Sony. Almost everyone will go with what their friends pick to play with them. The same applies to the Nintendo Switch.

nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch’s specs won’t be a hindrance

Nintendo market now is much different than the Wii U, though. They are probably going to take the vita market and the 3ds market. Which has third support from most Japanese developers.

They will probably advertise it as play at home or on the go. Graphics are nice but people being able to take the game on the go is a selling point as well.

We don’t know what games are coming to the Nintendo Switch. But they could say “hey you can play FF7 Remake on the go” or whatever [insert your favorite third party game here].

The same could be said for 3ds or Vita games you want to play on the big screen. Assuming it sells well.

There are also a lot of Android and iOS games that are suck because of touchscreen controls. And the respective market for Android and iOS games is flooded with garbage. The Switch could essentially make these games shine with actual controls and tweaks to the game mechanics.

The switch’s only gimmick is to play on the go. Which isn’t really a gimmick like 3d or dual screens etc.

Source: Express

  • Hans Olo

    Dear Nintendo,
    The year is now 2017, for the last 15 years you have been a day late and a dollar short. I was once a loyal Nintendo fan it’s true.
    Lately all I can expect from you is an under-powered system with a lack of much needed third party support.
    Your loyal fans are leaving by the droves, your last chance was the Switch and you have not convinced me of the purchase.
    Nintendo you could save face by announcing that this is a replacement to the DS and that you have a powerful home console readying for launch.
    Sadly I know I am beating a dead horse and this is where I leave you Nintendo, you were good to me in the NES, SNES, N64 and decent in the Gamecube years, even though you chose to allow mini discs on the Gamecube when you allowed your competition to release a FREE built in DVD player. I hesitantly bought the WII…..it became a paper weight as I embraced the 360 and PS3. When the Wii U was launched you promised Zelda within a year……sadly I purchased. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me again, shame on me….

  • salamander pants

    This is so short sighted. If Nintendo made a system at least as powerful as the base Xbox One then they would be able to build a great deal of 3rd party support and become a more viable option for Sony /ms fanboys next generation.