A weird looking button was found on the Nintendo Switch in several screen shots. The button is located on both the JoyCon and Pro Controller. No one is sure what the button does, but we have a couple of guesses.

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What does the mysterious button do on the Nintendo Switch?

On the Wii U, you share (archaically) by pressing home and then going to Miiverse (which would be fine if it was snappy). So, what if instead of it being a share button it is a dedicated button for screen swapping. For example, if they ported 3DS games or certain Wii U games they could have a standard way of switching between what would be the lower and upper screen.

Some developers complained that there wasn’t an intuitive way of swapping screens on the Wii U (other than going through clunky menus). We think the Minus button would be the share button since that’s its position on the PS4 controller. So, porting games would be simple and no bottoms would have to be sacrificed (developers also hated how they had to sacrifice buttons on the game cube).

Well, Mario Kart does allow uploading to Youtube, and that is the universal recording symbol. So, we think and hope Nintendo may be coming around to the whole sharing games online thing. But knowing Nintendo currently, it’s probably just a power button or maybe, if we’re lucky, it will be a button that can be mapped to do many things. Then again, while the Wii U didn’t have a button for it, this could be the amiibo place. Let us know what you think this button will do for the Nintendo Switch.


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