The portable aspect of the Nintendo Switch honestly doesn’t interest us that much and we would have preferred just a small and simple console and a pro controller. Games have got to look good of course but, for most players, Nintendo’s 1st party games make up for lacking hardware horsepower. So, what kind of games should we expect on day one?

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Skyrim, Splatoon and Super Mario to be Day One games for the Nintendo Switch?

We already know some of the games that will come to the Nintendo Switch but will they be playable on Day One? Itechpost gives us 100% assurance that Skyrim, Splatoon and Super Mario will be playable on Day One. But what about other games, can we make credible predictions about those as well?

They should release Mario, Zelda, and at least announce Pokemon. They need to give us details about what is coming on the system for Pokemon even if it isn’t going to release by the holidays. Pokemon doesn’t need a holiday, it makes it’s own, like Dragon Quest did that one day it shut down Japan. We don’t want them to do anything like PS Now, we’d prefer they stick to buying each title on its own, do Steam-style sales for the games, or just lower the prices. Making the games cheaper will draw in people who don’t know them and want to try something they heard is good without risking a lot of their dough on something so old it may be unplayable for them.

Would it be possible for them to release a new Monster Hunter at or around launch? There is a range of Monster Hunter amiibo supposedly set for launch right around the time of the Switch launch. So, there must be a game planned to use them in. We’re surprised more people haven’t looked at the planned amiibo because they are a great indicator of what is to come for the Switch in the early months Certainly a better indicator than just random guessing. People should really pay attention to amiibo announcements.


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