Amid a live stream of Disgaea 5 Complete, Nippon Ichi Software affirmed something. This has been on the greater part of our psyches since a month ago’s Nintendo Switch introduction. Did Nintendo execute that snapping sound into the Switch? The appropriate response is yes, yes they did.

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Nintendo Switch Makes A “Snap” Sound When You Replace The Joycon

From the video, you can see that when you embed either the left or right Joy-Con into their place on the Switch in tablet mode, there’s a sound. Furthermore, there is visual criticism to affirm legitimate arrangement. The sound input is that transcendent snapping sound. In the interim, the visual criticism is little white lines that quickly distend from either side of the screen.

Seeing as how we’ve never observed this, we can’t state for certain if the snap works for all games. Or if it’s up to the developer to empower it. This will not appear like a major thing. But it’s still something to be considered.

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