Someone on Reddit appears to have leaked the entire Nintendo Switch launch lineup. We take the list with a HUGE grain of salt. But some of these titles make a lot if sense to be on the Nintendo Switch. Like Injustice 2 and Tekken 7. Also, the names for the Wii U ports make a lot of sense.

nintendo switch

Could this be the actual Nintendo Switch launch lineup?

Some of the titles do make sense. Super Smash Bros. Fusion, as it’s a “Fusion” of the Wii U and 3DS versions. Pokkén Tournament: Evolution because it needs to toe new characters and it references Pokémon evolving. Splatoon ReFresh because it references the Squid Sister’s catchphrase “Stay fresh!”.

And about the 3D Mario, the name Super Mario Switcharoo makes a lot of sense and is really clever. As it’s on the Switch, and it supposedly switches between the two gameplay styles of 3D Mario games. In the end, it’s all rumors. And it shouldn’t be laughed at or mocked just because it’s a positive thing about a Nintendo system. And another thing. Going as far as presenting the Switch on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Nintendo will probably go all out with marketing. We know this system will do well. We have high hopes.

For the people saying that Super MARIO Switcharoo sounds ridiculous. Nintendo has a habit of doing a play on words in titles of their games for specific systems. Partly because it reminds the supposed buyer of a game what system plays it. They named everything “____ 64” for the n64. They aren’t afraid of tacky names. We’re not suggesting it’s for sure but to think that’s too silly of a thing for Nintendo to try is strange logic in our opinion.

Source: Reddit


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