Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has been confirmed to be currently working on a new project. His tweet was translated by Source Gaming and shows that he is clearly working on a new project. He hasn’t directly confirmed whether the new project will be a new Super Smash Bros game on the Nintendo Switch but we hope that is the case.

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Should we expect a new Super Smash Bros game on the Nintendo Switch?

If they just take out a couple characters and add like 10 then the fame would feel different and worth buying. Like if they get rid of the dark pit and added virdi and got rid of Roy and Lucina, we guess; and add a new girl fire emblem character. They should add bandana Dee, k-

They should add bandana Dee, k-rool or Dixie, ice climbers, captain toad, paper Mario, maybe Daisy in her sports form, someone from rhythm heaven, Impa, bomberman, Alph, kk-slider or Isabelle or tom nook or Resetti (at least two of them), wolf, Ridley, inklings, wolf, and maybe Krystal. And if that’s too many characters then they could also get rid of cloud, Ryu, and Dr Mario for more third party characters like Shantae.

If this game is to be made as an enhanced port of “Smash 4” for the Nintendo Switch, there are many problems that need to be fixed. Crowd cheers quality should be improved, and the crowd should chant 8 times when the character is at 100% damage or more. They should also fix the top KO randomness (and no random tripping from “Brawl” please). Seriously, the randomness on those top KOs (even if they’re not truly random) is very bad for the metagame, especially in last stock situations. Make the Star KOs/Screen KOs occur for on-stage moves and upward Blast KOs occur for off-stage moves, even on Training Mode. That way, there would be no unfair wins or losses, as well as unfair punishes, and the matches would go much.

Let us know what you would expect in a Super Smash Bros game made for the Nintendo Switch.


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