A version of Pokemon Sun & Moon, codenamed Pokemon Stars, on Nintendo Switch leaks have gained more momentum from new sources. Pokemon Stars will obviously be different because the Nintendo Switch only has one screen so there are some adaptations to do. Hopefully, they will actually make the graphics updated this time. Same style would be fine but they should make it smoother.

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Pokemon Stars on the Nintendo Switch

So, the Pokémon MMO game with all the regions fans have been requesting forever? We would prefer that WAY more than what Nintendo usually offers with Pokemon games. And it’s so much more of a unique idea.

Knowing Nintendo they’re going to release two versions of Stars but call it something like Pokemon Stars and Pokemon Eclipse. Because they need to have versions exclusives so you either buy both or trade with people who have the other version. It’s the same reason we didn’t have Gen 5 Pokemon Gray but Black 2 and White 2. Nintendo need to make that money.

The real question is, will Pokemon Star be like the old third entries where it combines the two previous? Or will it be its own with unique rosters. We’re going to take a guess and say same roster and mostly same story. It might add a few new exclusive pokemon (and alolan forms, more side quests and maybe extra features.

If you played Platinum or Crystal, you’d have a general idea of where Nintendo would go with this. Previously, they took the two games that came before and combined them into one, and sometimes added new features. So, maybe we could expect the same thing here.


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