If you look carefully at points of the video for the Nintendo Switch trailer, you can see volumetric god rays, better lighting, plus, the tablet version of the game does not have the full resolution of the TV gameplay. And Nintendo has STATED that the Nintendo Switch has more power than a Xbox One and less power the PS4. So, it is definitely the special edition and you will probably get mods.

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Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch to feature mods?

Besides, the portability factor makes it worth it in an instant. Not everyone relies on mods for an enjoyable experience. For some, the Special Edition’s graphical overhaul is good enough to get them to enjoy the base game to its fullest extent. The thing is, not many people want to play retro and indie games. And tablets/laptops have replaced the PC in the eyes of the mainstream consumer. The only people that buy PCs that can handle Medium/High/Ultra Skyrim are dedicated gamers.

This is just a new way to play games on a console, and a lot of people are already getting the Nintendo Switch for Zelda. So, having Skyrim on it just kind of seals the deal. It’s the ultimate way to game, because you can go on a massive sprawling adventure in the comfort of your home on your nice TV or on a road trip where you’re bored out of your mind.

There is a very lively underground modding scene for Nintendo consoles. The recent Super Smash Bros, for instance, has rudimentary model, texture, and sound library swaps, and many older games such as Super Mario Sunshine have alternate texture packs that you can install with sufficient know-how. There is a long-standing tradition of modding and homebrewing the handheld games as well, especially in the Pokemon series. So, we can expect something similar for Skyrim Special Edition.


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