Many individuals who have reviewed the Nintendo Switch before today have revealed issues with the Joy-Con’s. On the off chance that it was one individual who announced this, you would believe that they had recently gotten a broken unit. However, for this situation, it’s more than one individual.

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Nintendo Switch Joycons Don’t Even Work Properly

Kotaku’s news supervisor Jason Schreier affirmed in a tweet that he has had issues with the Joy-Con’s. He said “Yes, my left JoyCon desynchronizes as I’m playing. Going to be a major issue on the off chance that they can’t settle this with a firmware refresh!”. Other individuals from the media posted on NeoGaf about their issues. With the client othersteve clarifying he’s having indistinguishable issues from what Polygon announced. It was that the controllers were unsyncing haphazardly.

Another individual from the press posted on NeoGaf that they had two issues with the controllers. The client Listonosh (from said: “One is with the battery not charging the distance notwithstanding when it’s docked. And the other with a few issues of input slack in uncommon situations when the Joy-Con is isolated from the console itself.”

A lot of people have messaged Nintendo for a response on this. We will try to tell you what they say in response when they answer back. Until then please leave your remarks in the comments segment underneath.

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