There are problems the Nintendo Switch won’t be able to get around. One battery discharge or overheating even with the fan on dock. Since it isn’t removable, Nintendo better sell the tablet by itself. Unlike what they failed to do with Wii U. Otherwise, we end up with extra joycons we won’t need.

nintendo switch
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Nintendo Switch has serious problems at the moment

Next, the size of the device itself is ridiculous for travel. Without us having to buy some clunky protective box or case. The 128gb SD card problem. Most games use anywhere from 25 to 50 GB on the beasts like The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild will be. So that means at most 4 or 5 games per micro SD card. This sucks for digital buyers.

Next, Nintendo should be launching this console with an E-shop full of every title in their history including third party old titles. That should have been negotiated first before even working on new content.
The e-shop accounts for the Wii U, Switch, and 3DS. They should all be in the same shop at this point. And every digital game we have ever purchased from the Wii U or 3ds e-shop should be auto redownloads. Since we already bought the content.

That year one lineup really sucks minus The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild and Mario switcheroo. If the rumor is true of one console color at launch then that is dumb. Since they have had years to get this stuff right. So they will force us to change systems to other colors at later dates if we want said colors.

Source: Forbes


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