Nintendo may not be ready to share more details about their newly unveiled Switch console. But lucky for us there’s a trailer to analyze frame by frame and patents that may shed more light on what the console has to offer. We may now know everything that is to be learned about the Nintendo Switch Hidden Features. Also, Nintendo has warned against drawing too many conclusions from the game footage in the Nintendo Switch trailer.

nintendo switch hidden features
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Nintendo Switch Hidden Features revealed

Laura Kate Dale offered some interesting insights into the new console. Much discussion has taken place about the Nintendo Switch potentially having a multi-touch screen on its handheld portion. Games will not be allowed to require touch screen functionality for any game. Because all Switch games will be required to be playable while the handheld is in the dock.

The solution is that touch screen games will be playable on your TV by use of an IR pointer located on the bottom of the right Joy-Con. Laura Dale also spoke to some of her industry sources and confirmed that games which support touch functionality on the handheld will use IR functionality to replicate that ability on the TV.

The handheld, when docked, will switch on two small IR lights similar to the Wii Sensor Bar at the top of the handheld screen. The IR sensor in the right Joy-Con can then be used in much the same way as a Wii Remote pointer. This is designed to be used for touch screen replication.

It would require you to use the right Joy-Con in such a way that the lettered face buttons appeared to be upside down. This seems somewhat counter to the otherwise well thought-out and stylish design of the system.

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