The Nintendo Switch has garnered worldwide attention. The upcoming hybrid video gaming console is Nintendo’s seventh major home console. Unveiled officially this October, the Nintendo Switch is scheduled for March 2017 worldwide release. And as always, rumors about Nintendo Switch titles continue to make rounds on the Internet.


The details of the Nintendo Switch titles haven’t been announced by the company, giving all the more room for speculations. New un-named titles like 3D Mario and other ports like Splatoon have all been part of rumors. Latest rumors hint at something unbelievable – a game so weird that it will literally blow everything aside.

A recent video by GameXplain (Via WccfTech) discusses several Nintendo Switch rumors. The video specifically talks about the new 3D Mario game, Splatoon port and several other title rumors. It also talks about console’s price. But what caught our attention was the last few minutes of the video. The end of the video shows that a weird Nintendo Switch game is in the development and that the game is so weird that you will hardly believe it. The existence of this weird unbelievable strange game has been confirmed by multiple sources. Watch the video at timestamp 34:24 –

Of course, we have no official confirmation from either Nintendo or the uploader of the video. But it just goes on to give food for thought about a new weird strange unbelievable game that’s under development. What do you think this game could be? Something classic? or Something new? Time to get creative guys! Post your thoughts in the comments section.


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