Miyamoto said in an interview that they have basically designed the Nintendo Switch. Meanwhle he has taken more of a backseat role. If that’s the case, do we still get a chance to see the rumored Star Fox coming to the Nintendo Switch.

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Star Fox coming to the Nintendo Switch despite Miyamoto not directly involved with the project?

StarFox Zero should be ported over Switch with improved/revamped controls, tweaked gameplay. There should be some added content (the Guard game was bad) like multiplayer, extra paths, ships (that chicken walker looked ridiculous), Easter eggs, etc. Plus a graphical overhaul. Do something like that to make us forget that polarizing Wii U game.

Either Nintendo build these games, out source them or sell the rights. Nintendo really needs to get back to to the plate and give up on the dumb kid stuff. Like how half the Wii U games became priority over these franchises, it is criminal.

Star Fox Zero was GOTY. The control scheme is the best implementation of the gyro in the history of motion controls. The idiot, rabid Nintendo Crybabies are the ones that killed SFZ along with Color Splash. The whole “We need a proper” or “It’s not the spiritual successor” hyperbole from the guys is extremely annoying and cringe. SFZ is amazing and we hope Nintendo doesn’t listen to the crybabies.

Nintendo should careful when they are in the same breath asking for “innovation” and “traditional gameplay”. Those things aren’t necessarily compatible. Whether you like Zero or not, it certainly represented an attempt to innovate, and that innovation wouldn’t be possible without abandoning tradition in some way. Look at Mario Galaxy, it was great, but they had to throw the rulebook out of the window for a while before deciding what to re-introduce from earlier games in order to make it.


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