A good news for all the hardcore Nintendo Switch fans just came in as the PS4 hit and PSVR Launch title Thumper became part of its games list. This means that the Nintendo Switch fans can now download Thumper from the Nintendo eShop for $20.86 in the US and for £16 in the UK regions.

On Nintendo Switch, Thumper the rhythm action game runs at 1080p and 60fps in docked mode. However, while in handheld mode, the game runs at 720p and 60fps. It is also in circulation on the web that an Xbox One version of Thumper is also currently in works and will soon get out in the markets worldwide.

The news of game’s inclusion to the Nintendo Switch games list came in from the Thumper development team via Twitter, which reads as;

“Thumper launches on Nintendo Switch worldwide on May 18,” reads the tweet. “Ready for Rumble Violence?”

Another fantastic title from NeoGeo is also now out on Nintendo Switch. The game is named as Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors. It is available at $8.20 in the US and in £6.29 in the UK regions.

nintendo switch price

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In addition, another big and much-anticipated title Owlboy is also coming to Nintendo Switch soon. This remarkable PC game was released almost a year earlier on PC. However, for a Nintendo Switch, the game hasn’t got any release date yet. Hopefully, Owlboy will release after the promised ARMS release which is set for June 16th, 2017.