Nintendo has tons of titles that would make for good Nintendo Switch games and we wanted to discuss some titles and franchises. These are the ones Nintendo hasn’t really paid much attention to compared to others. So, maybe they can give them a shot on the Nintendo Switch?

nintendo switch

Could these be the possible games on the Nintendo Switch?

We made a list of Third Party Games need to be ported/made along with 1st party games. We’ll start with the first party ones first. An F-Zero Game by Shin’en Multimedia with a Course maker and Online Play. 3D Metroid Game by FromSoftware (think Prime 1 meets King’s Field). Remake of The Thousand Year Door with the aesthetics of Colour Splash. Re-do Star Fox Zero and remove the motion controls. A new Mario Paint (If Tablet mode has Touchscreen, that would be a neat idea, and include a Mouse Accessory).

Now for the 3rd party titles. Titanfall 2 (The concept sounds nuts enough to be a Nintendo console game too). Battlefield 1 (Get some Online Gaming Franchises on Switch to gather that audience). Modern Warfare Remastered (CoD4 was on Wii, this would make sense and same reason as BF1). Square needs to work with Nintendo for a new Mario RPG or a Seven Stars Remake (With Real-Time battles). Third Party Devs should be allowed to work on Nintendo Franchises if they choose to. A Fire Emblem Dynasty Warriors by Koei Tecmo.

Do you agree with our games lineup for the Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments. Express also reports that Nintendo has teased a possible lineup for the Switch.


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