Nintendo and Ubisoft are reportedly teaming up for a new Mario Crossover endeavor. The reveal of this new patch up is expected come out on the upcoming E3 Gaming Expo.

If all the rumors about the expected union of the two are true, fans will be able to enjoy a Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle crossover as a new RPS very soon on Nintendo Switch. Ubisoft will develop the game, rumors suggest.

The developer will be making the game on new Snowdrop Engine which was used for The Division earlier. Furthermore, the rumors also suggest that the Mario + Rabbids will release in August or September 2017 on Nintendo Switch. It will most probably be revealing at the E3 this year.

In addition, characters from the Mario and Rabbids series games will be part of the game. The  Battle Kingdom features, turn-based combat and two-person Multiplayer Co-op gameplay will also be part of the new game.

According to the Kotaku, the characters for the new Nintendo Switch crossover game will include Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Peach.  Four others from the Rabbids series will also be available in the game as Nintendo icons. In turn, it’s a very good news for the Nintendo Switch games list as well as all the fans.

It will definitely offer the fans an amazingly uplifting experience as two of the most anticipated games such as Call of Duty WW2 and Darksiders 3 aren’t coming on Nintendo Switch.

This will encourage all the Third-party developers to make more games for the Nintendo Switch. The lack of Third-party games hasn’t actually affected the popularity and sales of the Nintendo Switch at all. According to Nintendo, the console is going strong on sales and it even has surpassed Nintendo’s expectations.

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Hopefully, this new joint venture by Nintendo and Ubisoft will bring in more titles as the one expected. It’ll definitely make a big difference.