Nintendo Switch is currently facing one of the biggest challenges and Nintendo plans to quickly counter the hacking exploits on the hybrid console. In addition, the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS hacking community have pointed out to certain exploits similar to Nintendo Wii U and 3DS that the tech giant could face in near future.

nintendo switch

On both Nintendo Wii U and 3DS, the consoles faced some alarming homebrewed applications successfully installed that allowed the players to pirate games and use various mods.

Nintendo has recently said that they don’t want the similar problems for Nintendo Switch games and the console’s software. They have recently expanded towards the current HackerOne policies for the new hybrid console.

Nintendo has recently also asked their fanbase to keep an eye out for the potential exploits in the system. They have asked the fans to point out the uncertainties by flagging them using the HackerOne website.

Furthermore, Nintendo has offered various cash awards for different types of findings. Three cash awards have been claimed until now. Nintendo has offered to pay rewards to the first reporter of qualifying potential vulnerability info. The rewards range from $100 to $20,000. However, per qualifying piece of vulnerability will be getting only one reward each as part of Nintendo’s policies. Nintendo will also examine the entry and determine at its own discretion if the vulnerability info qualifies or not.

Nintendo isn’t disclosing how the reward system works and how they calculate the award amount. In addition, as part of Nintendo’s rewarding policies, the vulnerability information that’s already known gets no reward at all.

This information on Nintendo’s vulnerability hunt has caught the attention of the ones responsible for various homebrew software in the past. They have spoken to the Kotaku on the subject.

According to Kotaku, one homebrew software creator and console hacker Stan says that he believes that it was only a matter of time before a Nintendo Switch homebrew software infects the console. Stan also says that Nintendo is nowhere near where Sony is right now. Sony is protecting their IP addresses along with their consoles from the hacking exploits.

Stan further says that Nintendo Switch is just like every other Nintendo console at this point. Some other hackers have similar thoughts on the matter as well.

Nintendo eradicated a similar problem earlier this year by taking legal actions against a homebrew-software “Nintendo 3DS Freeshop Software. Hopefully, Nintendo will be able to save the NintendoSwitch from similar vulnerabilities as they are taking solid steps against it. This will save Nintendo from possible piracy, and the fans will also be able to save their consoles from all the hacking exploits.


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