The Nintendo Switch games list has received three more titles this week. The news follows the latest eShop developments for consoles such as Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

According to the latest additions to the Nintendo Switch games list, three new and most sought after titles are now added to the list. The new titles are available for all the fans worldwide. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has also been updated with the new Patch 1.1.1. the New update to Zelda: Breath of the Wild has reportedly fixed a major issue with the game.

The latest Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild update has reportedly fixed a major issue. Fans will now be able to enjoy the smooth gameplay without any glitches (Especially in Korok Forest). The new Zelda update will now be offering a pleasant gaming experience and better Frame Rates because of the latest update.

The three new title additions are the Neo Turf Masters, New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers, and Othello. All of these games are available via the Nintendo eShop. You can have Neo Turf Masters for $8, New Frontier Days: Founding Masters for $10, and Othello for $5.

Another fantastic game is also going to be available for the Nintendo Switch games list in the next few days. This title is named as Has-Been Heroes. It’s an Action and Strategy game that was showcased at the Switch event in January. Upon the launch, the game will be available both Physically and Digitally for $20.

Another ACA NeoGeo title Metal Slug is also now available for all the Nintendo Switch fans via the eShop. With plenty of other great NeoGeo titles coming pout this week, Snake pass will also be available soon in the Nintendo eShop. As stated earlier, Has-Been Heroes is also going to make its debut on the Nintendo Switch this week.

So in a sense, Nintendo Switch fans are going to have a huge variety of different games to enjoy. All of these games will be available via the Nintendo eShop.

All the Wii U and Nintendo 3Ds fans will also be enjoying a number of new titles. These titles will also be available via the Nintendo eShop for both of the consoles.

For the Nintendo Wii U fans, Cube Life: Pixel Action Heroes is already available along with another blockbuster game Mutant Alien Moles of the Dead. Nintendo Wii U fans will have a number of more titles soon that are going to be available this week.

On Nintendo 3DS, Pick a Pix has now been available via the eShop. Six best titles for Nintendo 3DS also arrived this week. Some of the most anticipated Nintendo 3Ds titles are;

  • Urban Trial Freestyle 2
  • Go! Go! Kokopolo 3D
  • Super Destronaut 3D
  • Pinball Breakout

All of these titles are now available via the Nintendo eShop and fans can buy them at the most affordable rates worldwide.

Source: GameSpot


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