Wave Race HD, or a sequel, remaster, or something could be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Most likely not at launch, but possibly in 2018, or 2019.

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Wave Race confirmed for the Nintendo Switch?

It’s been 14 years since Nintendo made a Wave Race Game. We miss the franchise as do many other people. We think it’s time Nintendo delivers a next generation Wave Race game on their new Nintendo Switch console. Nothing has been confirmed and this is all purely opinion, speculation, and wishes for the future. However, a thread in NeoGAF discovered something important.

A thread on NeoGAF revealed a registry made by Nintendo through a German representative company for the IP. Nintendo needs to step up its game, it has to take the leap to compete with Microsoft and Sony, it needs to still keep it’s core child-friendly games but also has to be able to compete graphically with the big guys. We know Nintendo usually has sold more than them, except in recent years, but now that Sony and Microsoft consoles are available in places like China, Nintendo will have much more of a struggle unless they create an on par powerhouse such as Xbox One and PS4. Good online service and graphics are what gamers want these days.

We agree the blend of mobile, handheld and console games on one platform is pretty nifty, but they already own the handheld market, so why not make a solid competitive console that can work in conjunction with those handheld devices and also compete with the big guys. And what better way to popularize their hybrid than by bringing back the old classics? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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