There is a possibility that the Foxconn leak is more representative of what the Nintendo Switch will launch with. It could be a big step from what we’ve heard.

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We hope the Nintendo Switch Foxconn leak turns out to be true

The A73 is said to have 90% performance boost over the A57 in single core performance. And somewhere in the 30% range in multicore performance. This could be what was hinted at by Takashi Mochizuki when he tweeted the Nintendo SWITCH would be powerful. But not in same way as Xbox One or Ps4.

We’re just glad that at this point with what we’ve heard overall. It could go either way. We think the common misconception a lot seem to bring up is power levels docked and portable. Portable will be decent but nowhere near compatible with any other current gen consoles. But docked could prove to be closer than some may believe it to be.

We still don’t believe DF and EG fully because if those clock speeds are the “final specs” then what would they possibly need a fan for? We understand Nintendo has made mistakes but people seem to forget that NVIDIA has been trying to get back into the console market desperately. And we don’t think they would allow this to fail because it would basically kill that goal almost indefinitely.

There could be another possibility. What if the young people Nintendo has working on the switch are trolls. And they purposely put bad specs out in the news to worry people. And make their competition feel safe then they reveal it and it’s a Scorpio power tablet? This is impossible, but it would be Hilarious.

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