A factory worker in China has leaked a ton of information all about the Nintendo Switch. We want to touch on the possibility that this system may be more powerful than originally thought.


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The Nintendo Switch is basically a Tegra X1 where the A57 has been traded in for A73. And the Maxwell architecture has been traded for Pascal architecture, improving energy efficiency. While maintaining the same performance (500 GFLOPS).

This is a Nintendo device that is going to be up-to-date. Not running on tech that is several years old from day one as previous consoles have. There will be a trade off as the Switch is essentially a mobile device compared to a standard home console. But at least they are starting with something modern and that will be capable of satisfying those who develop for it.

We believe that there is some truth to this. Because it was confirmed by another video where they described the gameplay of Skyrim being exactly the same on the mobile screen as if you’re playing on the TV. Both are 1080p at 60fps. That is in fact confirmed. If all of this is true and we’re hoping that it is, then Nintendo is clearly making a comeback.

A 256 Core Pascal GPU clocked at 921 MHz would only make the GPU HALF as powerful as XB1. With HALF the RAM (4GB), running at less than HALF the speed (1600 MHz DDR4 with 2×2 GB chips = 25.6 GB/s vs 1066.5 MHz DDR3 with 8×1 GB chips = 68.2 GB/s).

Source: Reddit


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