One problem for a Nintendo Switch VR is the resolution. The Nintendo Switch undocked is 720p while many of the Samsung Galaxy series phones that are compatible with the Gear VR already have 1440p resolution. This is more than enough for VR. 720p resolution is very low for VR display and even 1080p is the minimum for VR resolution.


Nintendo Switch VR will face a lot of obstacles

However, one solution would be is to make the VR headset like the dock. Meaning when you put the Nintendo Switch in, it facilitates a higher clock speed to at least 1080p resolution. This would also still be an inexpensive headset since Laura Kate Dale stated “The docks are designed to be relatively cheap and affordable. So having 2-3 in a house shouldn’t break the bank”. So making the headset like the dock would be a relatively cheaper option compared to the current and more expensive VR sets. And maybe even use the dock itself in a secondary role. But that’s just an idea and we agree that Nintendo should lead the VR scene. And not just as an entry level VR but also compete with the other VR systems.

From business stand point we need something on the entry level to encourage adoption. But to VR users, experience (stuff like motion sickness) is also very important. A device like Samsung gear VR might be cheap but can it handle intense VR games like Raw Data or serious sam VR without people feeling sick? This is one VR enthusiasts are being concerned about. Creating a cheap HMD unit might not be hard but they are afraid that most people end up hating VR in general because of that bad experience.

Source: Verge


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