A NeoGAF user asked Netflix customer support about the Nintendo Switch. And the customer support told him that the Nintendo Switch doesn’t support Netflix. It appears as though Nintendo is concentrating on games only for this unit. We didn’t hear much about other media applications either so this could in all likelihood be an entirely gaming platform. This is something we haven’t seen in quite a while. No films, no television, no music, no streaming, no web perusing. Just games on the Nintendo Switch.

nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch won’t have Netflix

They require Netflix or else the Nintendo Switch might potentially fail. A purchaser will dependably take what’s less difficult. On the off chance that a salesman or even an online audit says even ONCE that you can get an Xbox One or PS4, play significantly more outsider titles, have a somewhat established library and utilize Netflix all without switching gadgets or information sources, then that individual will buy the device immediately. Be that as it may, individuals purchasing the Nintendo Switch are not the normal customer. They just want to play video games.

The normal customer simply needs something straightforward that’ll do everything on the double for as meager cash as could be expected under the circumstances. It’s a similar reason Smart TVs are falling flat. Why purchase a $1000 TV that can run Netflix when you can get a similar size TV, in addition to a console, still have entry to Netflix and all that for less than a $1000. Average consumer wants simplicity.

SourceL NeoGAF


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