Nintendo is really stepping it up this year. The return to Red and White instead of the boring gray of the Wii era. New Slogan, The Nintendo Switch, Mobile Games that actually look fun like Super Mario Run. A new reward service, and delving into other medias such as Universal and the Zelda Maze partnership. They’re really going all out this year. One might have to invest in some stocks right before the Nintendo Switch presentation next month.


Nintendo Switch is being marketed as a major hit

They’ll be releasing a lot of information of the Switch on Jan 12. And certain parts of the media that were invited only will actually get to try it out the day after to show their thoughts on it. We’ll just have to be patient until that comes around and we’ll get to see if the hype adds up or goes downhill.

On the other hand, Nintendo won’t be sticking to consoles if consumers lost their trust in them. Having lots of money isn’t going to convince them to buy their inferior hardware. Look what happened to IBM, Kodak, and Capcom. If you piss off the consumer one too many times, they won’t be trusted and will look bad even if they are profitable.

Capcom might be making lots of money, but they aren’t treating their fans with respect. IBM and Kodak were once big icons that pioneered computers and photography respectively. But they failed to evolve and respond to the competition and they aren’t what they used to be. Nintendo isn’t the only game in town anymore. Sony, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Google, and mobile game devices took away huge market share from Nintendo.

Despite being portable, the Switch isn’t supposed to replace the 3DS. It’s Nintendo’s console successor, not handheld successor. You can probably sigh a sigh of relief as they’ll likely keep having exclusives only for the 3DS, if that was anyone’s concern.


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