Here are some games we would like to see announced for the Nintendo Switch in 2017. These are going to be console exclusives. Let us know in the comments whether you agree with our Nintendo Switch wishlist.


Nintendo Switch wishlist for 2017

Luigi’s Mansion: Castle of the Dea. One night, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Bowser Jr, their respective citizens, Toadsworth, and Prof. Egad are invited to a shady kingdom in an unmapped part of the land for a meeting of the minds. Upon entering, the drawbridge is closed. And Toads and Bowser minions are taken away by knight ghosts and hands in the ground. Thankfully, Egad came prepared, and sets up a lab in a local house.

Now, Luigi (accompanied by an optional vacuum bot for multiplayer), must capture ghosts, unlock abilities, and fight bosses in 8 sections of the kingdom to discover the mysteries of it. And it’s populous before all of the others disappear.

Pokkén Tournament: World Championship. Trainers from all around the world have gathered throughout multiple stadiums for the tournament to see who is the greatest trainer of all time. Watch cutscenes, experience a great story, fight in epic battles, explore a decently sized over world. And unlock a cast of Pokemon three times the size of the original game to become the greatest trainer of all time.

Super Mario Galaxy 3. On an average day of Peach being kidnapped by Bowser in the Mushroom Kingdom, aliens arrive in hopes of taking over the planet. Thankfully, Rosalina is there with the grand stars to attempt to defeat them. However, it turns out the aliens have two grand stars of their own powering their ships that were previously unknown. And manage to destroy Rosalina’s ship, releasing her six, and abduct most of the creatures in the kingdom. Including the Toads, Bowser’s army, Peach, Jr, and Bowser himself before Rosalina chase them off. Now, Mario must work with Rosalina to fix the ship, collect grand stars, and save the planet.

Source: PVP Live


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