A Nintendo Switch commercial circulated amid the Super Bowl the previous evening. Moreover, individuals are speculating that it might have prompted to the Falcons’ fabulous destruction. Furthermore, the Nintendo Switch advertisement had already been presented on YouTube. Be that as it may, it made its TV appearance in the final quarter of the Super Bowl.

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Nintendo Switch Commercial May Have Caused the Falcons to Lose the Super Bowl

The Falcons had set up an apparently difficult 28-3 lead. Just to in the end lose 34 – 28 to the Patriots. It has been portrayed as the most energizing Super Bowl ever. Be that as it may, as pointed out by a NeoGaf client, the Falcons’ decay started very quickly. It began immediately after the Switch trailer disclosed. The trailer was revealed five minutes into the final quarter.

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It’s profoundly improbable that the Switch trailer had any genuine effect on the result of the Super Bowl. Be that as it may, it’s not precisely remarkable for individuals to accuse video games for a football group/ player’s execution. For instance, the “Madden Curse” is a well-known term coined as a result of players featured on the front cover of EA’s Madden series routinely experiencing performance issues, typically as a result of an injury. Also, check out the final hardware specs of the console.

Source: Game Revolution


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