We’d argue that a minimum of 3 hours of battery on max clock speeds doesn’t sound so bad for the Nintendo Switch that lets you play AAA games. Games like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with little to no compromises on the go. Also, battery life will depend on the games you’re playing. And how much they push the console. It’s at least 3 hours when the console is running in full gear. Or so say the rumors.

nintendo switch
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Nintendo Switch 3 hour battery life is understandable

Remember that info is considering the full potential of the Nintendo Switch. And another rumor tells us that while undocked, only 66% or 40% of the entire power of the switch will be used. We found 3 hours at maximum power is pretty good considering that.

Also, we don’t see why people are getting upset. It has USB-C which has fast charging. Plus we think people overlooked the word “overclocked” meaning maximum settings. So there has to be a way to turn down the settings for longer battery life.

The newest rumor states how would the battery last if the Switch could run its Docked Mode on the battery. Which is possible only on the Devkits. If the other rumor that states the Portable Mode is half the power of the Docked Mode, means the least a battery could last for regular usage is 6 hours. A cellphone, a Samsung A5 2016, has a similar calling time. And you can totally play games in it during a long ride. Worry not, Dovahkin has your back in those boring days in the car. Yes, Skyrim Special Edition is pretty much confirmed for the Switch.

Source: Techno Buffalo


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