Since virtual reality has gone to the masses by means of PSVR and cell phone headsets, everybody is pondering about the fate of this innovation. What games will go VR? At the point when will it turn out to be more reasonably priced? Will different consoles get it? Furthermore, by different consoles, we likewise mean the up and coming Nintendo Switch.

nintendo switch

Nintendo President Talks About Nintendo Switch VR and More

The Nintendo Switch is the next enormous console. It is prepared to hit shelves on March third. Some nitty gritty licenses that surfaced in December demonstrated a VR headset for the Nintendo Switch. This started loads of interest and feedback. Nintendo has avoided affirming a VR frill for the Switch. In any case, loads of officials have said they’re keen on the innovation.

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Most as of late, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima remarked on Switch virtual reality in a meeting with TIME. “The very simple answer is yes. We’ve said this before, and I feel like we’re saying it a lot, but we are interested and doing research into this field. The question, of course, is ‘What is the best way to bring virtual reality to our customers as a form of entertainment?’ Not just, ‘Hey, look! It’s realistic!’ or whatever, but what is the best way to use this technology to bring something fun to our consumer base? We are definitely looking at that.”


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