Emily Rogers is on a roll. After previous leaks (and some debunking), she’s now stressing that when it comes to the Nintendo NX, what you need to watch out for is not the hardware, but the software. Supposedly, Nintendo has learned its lesson from the Wii U and for the NX, the company will focus heavily on first-party content.

nintendo nx

Rogers says that she is “100% confident that the NX’s software output will blow away the Wii U’s software output”. She goes on to suggest that the NX’s library of games within a single year of release will surpass the Wii U’s library of three or four years. According to Rogers, this is made possible by a complete change-up of how Nintendo develops and produces software. Nintendo supposedly has an explicit policy in place now to churn out first party software at a faster rate.

Interestingly, a few Wii U projects were even moved over to the NX, which suggests that the Wii U is certainly on its way out, even if Nintendo says they will continue production for it through the year. Overall, Rogers says that the NX “could potentially see the highest output of first party software in the company’s history.”

Have a look at Rogers’ blog and tell us what you think about this in the comments below.


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