We’ll have been very eagerly waiting for the Nintendo NX. Various rumours are already doing rounds but very few of them have even an ounce of authenticity. Nintendo has until now kept its cards closed on the NX, but we finally have some authentic news.

The English translation of its latest financial presentation to investors was recently launched by the company and it has dropped a ton of hints and vague suggestions about the upcoming device.


Nintendolife has pointed out on many of these hints and has drawn many conclusions. The most important of them is the release date of the Nintendo NX. If these speculations are to be believed, then the NX will be coming out anytime around March 2017 towards the end of Company’s next fiscal year.

Tatsumi Kimishima, the new Nintendo president said in a briefing that the company will be heavily investing in its future projects including the Nintendo NX as well as in its mobile strategy in the next fiscal year. Nintendo hopes that the arrival of these big projects would bring back the huge revenues which the company used to earn.

Kimishima said, “As I have said before, we will be launching many of our new business activities as we move from this fiscal year into the next.” He further added,”To achieve Nintendo-like profits, one important factor will be establishing a solid launch for our NX and smart device businesses. I believe the key to doing this is to allocate our resources appropriately to proceed with hardware and software development on schedule and deliver our products to our consumers in a timely manner”

If all of this is to be believed, then we can truly hope for something big in 2017. This has been the strongest piece of evidence yet about the Nintendo NX. This puts all the other rumours which had earlier started about a Feb 2016 release to rest. We can also hope for that Nintendo’s new mobile strategy will also start making its presence felt by this year. Some rumours are already doing rounds about this but we still can’t say anything with certainty.

In the light of these events and the information, we can fairly say that the release of Nintendo NX this year seems very unlikely. But take this news with a pinch of salt as nothing is official yet. We are also very eagerly waiting for this device and are on our toes for any information on it.

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